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When my son was younger (he’s 18 now) he used to love stories about dragons.  I remember when we read “Eragon” and then waited impatiently for the next book to be published.  Even though we both enjoyed the books, one thing my son always brought up about dragon and dragon rider books was “why?”  As in, why would a creature as absolutely awesome as a dragon let something as puny as a human command it?  Why would it risk its life for that same puny human?  Why would it even care?

Because he often brought up this question every time he read a book about dragons (which was often), I started pondering the same thing.  The answers in most books are vague, most simply stating a dragon formed a bond with his rider and treasured it above all else, even itself.  That doesn’t really answer the question though, I mean, why would it do that?  Surely we aren’t to believe these awesome creatures were created specifically for human use like a common horse.

Anyway, not to harp too long on the subject, the point is when I started writing my book I decided I wanted to really address this question and bring a new perspective to dragon rider stories.  Little did I know this one simple question would have me pondering many other questions, such as what could be more powerful than a dragon?  What could make a dragon bend its will to a human?  Do I, as a reader, like the fact that dragons are bound to humans and their whims?

If you have ever wondered these same things then I hope you will read my book.  Even if you haven’t it might be worth seeing a new perspective on an age old story.

I haven’t decided yet if I will be trying to release the whole book at once or if I want to release a series of novellas.  I’m leaning towards the novellas, mostly because I don’t want to feel rushed in getting my story out.  Also, I would like to self-publish on Amazon Kindle and keep the price around $.99 for each installment.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on what would be the best way to introduce my story, and any other suggestions you would like to share.  In the upcoming future, I may share an excerpt from my book to get some feedback as well.  I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it.

Stay tuned!!


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I live in Wichita, Kansas with my husband of 10 years, my two teenage children, two birds, and three dogs. I'm an avid reader, and have been since I was a little girl. Currently I work in the aerospace industry managing new program start ups, but I have always wanted to write so figured there was no better time than now.

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